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After the 22-Day Ban, Hilsa has Started to Enter the Market

Lakshmipur: After a 22-day ban on hilsa fishing, the rivers are now teeming with hilsa, and it’s starting to appear in the local markets. However, the prices have increased.

On Friday night, a small quantity of hilsa was seen being sold in the markets of Lakshmipur city.

Buyers are saying that the price of hilsa is quite high. Sellers, on the other hand, claim that due to the limited quantity, they have to sell it at a higher price.

In the fish markets of North Temuhani and South Temuhani of the district town, it has been observed that most of the hilsa available are small in size. Large hilsa is in short supply, and the majority of hilsa have eggs.

Regarding the prices, it has been noticed that a kilogram of hilsa weighing 700 grams is being sold for a thousand Taka, and a kilogram of hilsa weighing 500 grams is priced at 800 Taka. Hilsa weighing between 300 and 350 grams is being sold for over 700 Taka. Hilsa weighing 200 to 250 grams is being sold for 600 to 650 Taka.

Sanah Ulla, a buyer who came to purchase hilsa at the market in South Temuhani, told BanglaNews that the price of small-sized (Jatka) hilsa makes it impossible for ordinary buyers to enjoy hilsa. Furthermore, the higher price of large hilsa is beyond people’s reach.

Vendor Abdur Rahman told BanglaNews that the fish quantity in the river is still low, which is why they have to purchase at higher rates. As a result, the retail market is also charging higher prices.

Notably, the ban on catching all kinds of fish, except hilsa, in the Meghna River in Lakshmipur was lifted. The ban was in effect since November 12, and it was lifted in the middle of the night on November 2. After the ban was lifted, the locals started fishing for hilsa in the rivers.

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