7-day strict lockdown regulation issued across the country
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7-day strict lockdown regulation issued across the country

A regulation has been issued to restrict the overall activities and movement of people from 8 am on July 1 to midnight on July 7 to prevent the alarming increase in coronavirus infection.

Authorities said they would take “legal action” if he left the house “without urgent need” within a week.

The prohibitions issued by the Cabinet Division are:

1. All government, semi-government, autonomous and private offices will be closed.

2. All types of mechanized vehicles including public transport on roads, railways and waterways will be closed. Domestic flights will also be closed.

3. All shops including shopping malls/markets will be closed.

4. All tourist centres, resorts, community centres and recreation centres will be closed.

5. Such social (post-wedding, birthday, picnic party, etc.) political and religious ceremonies will be closed.

6. The Bangladesh Supreme Court will issue necessary directions to the courts.

7. Bangladesh Bank will issue necessary instructions to ensure banking services.

8. Law and order and emergency services, such as agricultural products and inputs (fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, agricultural machinery, etc.), transportation of food grains and foodstuffs, relief distribution, healthcare, Covid-19 vaccination, revenue collection, electricity, water, gas/energy, Employees and vehicles of fire service, telephone and internet (public-private), media (print and electronic media), private security system, postal service, bank, pharmacy and pharmaceuticals and other essential/essential goods and services are subject to the issuance of institutional identity card. Can do

9. Truck-covered vans, cargo vessels engaged in the transportation of goods will be exempt from the ban.

10. Ports (air, sea and land) and related offices will be exempt from this prohibition.

11. Industrial factories will continue to operate under their management following hygiene rules.

12. Raw bazaars and daily necessities can be bought and sold in open space from 9 am to 5 pm under hygiene rules. The concerned trade organization/market authority / local administration will confirm the matter.

13. No one can go out of the house except in case of urgent need (purchase of medicines and daily necessities, medical services, burial etc.). Legal action will be taken against those who disobey the instructions.

14. Vaccination cards can be used to travel for vaccination.

15. Food shops, hotels and restaurants will be able to sell food (online / takeaway) from 8 am to 8 pm.

16. International flights will continue and foreign passengers will be able to travel using the car by displaying their international travel tickets.

16. The Ministry of Religious Affairs will give instructions regarding prayers in the mosque following the hygiene rules.

16. Under the ‘Army in Aid to Civil Power’ provision, the Armed Forces Department will deploy the required number of troops to ensure effective patrol at the field level. The district magistrate will confirm the matter by contacting the local army commander.

19. The district magistrate will hold a coordination meeting with the concerned officers at the district level to determine the jurisdiction, method and time of recruitment and patrol of the Army, BGB, Police, RAB and Ansar. At the same time, if you need any special activities locally, you will take steps in that regard. The concerned Ministries / Departments will provide necessary instructions in this regard at the field level.

20. The Ministry of Public Administration will ensure the appointment of the required number of Executive Magistrates at the field level.

21. The Director-General of the Department of Health will give the district administration and the police force the necessary powers to take legal action on his behalf.

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