US and NATO forces have left the Bagram base in Afghanistan
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US and NATO forces have left the Bagram base in Afghanistan

US and NATO forces have left Bagram air base in Afghanistan. The base has been at the center of the fight against the Taliban for almost two decades. The remaining troops are due to be repatriated by the September 11 deadline.

The deadline for the complete withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan is set for September 20, the 20th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center. Before that, most of the troops were to be withdrawn on July 4. But Bagram airport was empty even before that. The evacuation of this important airport near the capital Kabul is undoubtedly a matter of concern as the Taliban continues to gain ground in various parts of Afghanistan.

The Taliban have intensified their offensive in Afghanistan in the past two months, already occupying dozens of districts, and Afghan security forces have concentrated their forces around the country’s major cities.

The security of the nearby capital, Kabul, and the pressure on the Taliban depend on the ability of Afghan forces to maintain control over the important Bagram air base.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani met earlier this week with US President Joe Biden to discuss the country’s future. Biden said at the meeting that Afghans should decide their own future. And Gunny said, his job now is to deal with the consequences of withdrawing US troops.

About 650 US troops are being deployed in Afghanistan to protect Kabul airport, US embassies and diplomats. Turkish troops are also guarding Kabul airport with them. But military analysts say the most important thing for the Afghan government is to maintain control of the Bagram base to protect Kabul and keep the Taliban at bay.

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