Government looking for alternative method of ‘Auto Pass’
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Government looking for alternative method of ‘Auto Pass’

The Ministry of Education and the Board of Education want to get out of the negative perception that was created last year by calling the assessment as an auto pass without HSC equivalent examination due to the Corona situation. So, this time the government is looking for an alternative method of auto pass.

The coronavirus infection situation in the country is deteriorating day by day. With that, the ongoing vacation of educational institutions is increasing. The National Assessment Advisory Committee is initially discussing some alternative approaches in this regard.

Some issues like counting JSC and SSC and equivalent results as well as assessment through assignment and in case of SSC, calculating JSC exam results as well as assignment are being discussed. In a word, the education boards do not want to give ‘auto pass’ this time.

The education ministry’s secretary for secondary and higher education said, on Saturday, “We are working very hard on SSC and HSC examinations. What will happen will be announced soon.”

Two officials of the Dhaka Board of Secondary and Higher Education said that in the current situation, where the examination was planned on the basis of short syllabus is no more. For this, it is being considered to form a ‘National Evaluation Advisory Committee’ and take a decision based on their recommendations.

Another official said, the decision not to take the test first has not yet been made. That means the test plan has not been dropped yet. However, the expert committee will be asked to find out the solution. But the education boards do not want to give ‘auto pass’. Because, it causes mental problems to the students.

Due to the closure of educational institutions for more than a year, the HSC examination of 2020 and the final examination of class VIII and V have not been taken. The results were declared on the basis of the results of the eighth class final and SSC equivalent examinations without taking the HSC equivalent examination. The finalists of the eighth class of secondary level and the fifth class of primary level of 2020 are passed in the next class. Which is being promoted as ‘auto pass’ in social media and mass media.

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