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PM urges everyone to abide by lockdown

Reiterating her commitment to bring the majority of the people of the country under vaccination and to always be by their side, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called upon all to resist the lockdown.

The Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina said this in her concluding address to the 13th (2021-22 Budget Session) of the Eleventh Parliament this afternoon. Speaker Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury was presiding over the session at that time.

“We have announced a lockdown,” she said. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

“Vaccines are starting to come in,” she said. There will be no difficulty. We will make sure that our people are safe all over the country. ‘

The Prime Minister reminded the general public about the use of corona prevention masks, maintaining social distance, washing hands and steaming hot water at home, and gargling with lukewarm water, and coronary prevention.

“If we can accept these, we will be able to stop the spread of this disease,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said, “I will tell the people that we have declared a lockdown. At least you protect yourself and others by following the instructions.”

The Prime Minister reiterated her government’s plan to bring 80 per cent of the people of the country under vaccination.

He said the vaccine has started to come. There will be no difficulty. I will make arrangements so that people are safe.

The Prime Minister said, “We made arrangements to buy Corona vaccine from India.” But as corona increased in India, they stopped exporting. This was our problem for some time. Now there is no problem. Vaccines have come from China and the United States, more will come.

At that time, the Prime Minister mentioned the arrival of Moderna and Synoform vaccines on the night of July 2 and this morning and said, “We are communicating where the vaccines are available.” I will buy more. We have communicated everywhere in China, Russia, Japan, the United States.

“I have said before that we will vaccinate 80 per cent of the people,” she said. Being vaccinated for free. We bought the vaccine with a lot of money. But in the interest of the people I am giving free vaccines. We give priority to the hard working people of the village in all the programs.

She said the school-college will be reopened after vaccination. Mentioning that children are also being corona affected, she said that she would counter-question whether the children would be deliberately pushed to the brink of death in the light of their statements addressed to the Leader of the Opposition and Members of Parliament.

“We can’t knowingly push children to the brink of death,” she said. The situation is the same not only in Bangladesh but all over the world. Parents do not want their children to go to educational institutions in such a situation. And those who do not have school-college boys and girls only talk about opening educational institutions.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Ghulam Mohammad Quader also addressed the session.

As a gift from the United States, Corona has provided Corona vaccine to Bangladesh under the Covax facility under the Modern and China Synopharm Agreement. A total of 4.5 million doses of vaccine sent from the two countries arrived in Dhaka on time. Of which 25 lakh doses of Modern and 20 lakh doses of Synoform

Her government is considering the age at which vaccinations can be given in line with the World Health Organization’s guidelines and has resumed vaccinations at the educational institution level, she said.

The Prime Minister lamented that she could not hold a position in the people’s house to deal with Corona and said, “During Eid-ul-Fitr, we requested you not to leave your place.” But many did not listen to her, ran away. As a result, the debt spread to different districts.

She said if everyone had listened to the government, the corona might not have spread like this all over the country. That is the reality.

Noting that her government is still trying its best to stand by the people, she said, “Not only the government but also his organization Bangladesh Awami League has continued to support the people.”

Referring to the formulation and implementation of 23 incentive packages worth 15.2 billion by her government to deal with Corona, she said there is no class of people who have not been given financial assistance.

 Sheikh Hasina said her government would look into the matter by resuming financial assistance so that no one would face food shortage as Corona reappeared.

In response to the Deputy Leader of the Opposition’s statement that the quality of education has declined, the Prime Minister said that the quality of education has declined due to the actions of the past and not the present government. Besides, there is the clanking of weapons and terrorism in the campus. The Prime Minister admitted that the quality of education has decreased for all this.

Mentioning that his government is working for the welfare of the people, the Prime Minister said in the context of the deteriorating flood situation in the country, such floods will come from time to time in the Gangetic delta and we have to deal with them.

The Prime Minister highlighted this as another area of ​​cooperation for the artisans involved in the film industry by passing the ‘Bangladesh Film Artists Welfare Trust Bill, 2021’ in the National Assembly today.

“We have helped thousands of artists, craftsmen and mechanics, even for those who draw commercials behind rickshaws,” she said.

Strongly criticizing the BNP party, the Prime Minister said that the BNP is a party which has created a military junta. When did he become the army chief? Ziaur Rahman was the main force behind the plot to assassinate Father of the Nation Bangabandhu on August 15, said the Prime Minister.

She said this was clear in interviews with the BBC by the murderous Colonel Rashid and Farooq. If Ziaur Rahman had not been with them, he would never have been able to conspire. Because, Ziaur Rahman was the Deputy Chief of Army Staff.

Referring to the formation of BNP, Sheikh Hasina said, Ziaur Rahman came to power and became a politician again. After coming to power in uniform, he entered politics. From there he later formed a political party. That party is BNP.

Replying to a statement made by BNP MP Harunur Rashid on secularism, the Prime Minister said there is no mention of secularism in the Quran. I would say there is, of course. Our Prophet Karim (peace be upon him) said, to be tolerant towards other religions. In the Qur’an, there is Lakum Dinukum Waliadin, which means he will follow his religion.

The Prime Minister further said that she would express her views. In fact, it is secularism. Yes, you must always pay attention to your religion. Besides, one must be tolerant of other religions. That is our teaching. This is what Prophet Karim (peace be upon him) has said all the time. Therefore, it is better not to say such things in Parliament.

Regarding the judiciary of the country, the Prime Minister said, all the developments in the judiciary have taken place during the time of Awami League. During the BNP rule, judges have also been appointed with fake certificates. During their time, there was an incident where a student leader put his hand on his neck and gave a verdict. The BNP also sought to extend the term of the chief justice to make him head of the caretaker government to create an opportunity for vote-rigging.

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