Argentina qualified for Copa final by beating Colombia
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Argentina qualified for Copa final by beating Colombia

Argentina qualifies to the Copa America final, beating Colombia 3-2 in a tiebreaker. Messi, Paredes and Martinez scored for Argentina in the tiebreaker. Their opponent in the final is Brazil.

Argentina have not won in the last three matches against Colombia. The reverse has been the taste of defeat in one match, the other two draws. To that end, Argentina started playing offensive football from the beginning in the 4-3-3 table.

Argentina went ahead at the beginning. Colombia equalized in the second half with a 1-1 tiebreaker. And in the suffocating tiebreaker, Argentina won 3-2 and won the ticket to the final. Lionel Messi’s team will face Brazil in the final.

Argentina’s goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez is the hero of the semi-final victory. He blocked three shots from Colombia. That is why the road to victory is smooth for Messi.

Messi, Paredes and Martinez scored for Argentina in the tiebreaker. De Paul missed the goal in the second shot. Messi took the first shot. Cuadrado, on the other hand, scored in the first shot for Colombia. But in the second shot, the Argentine goalkeeper retaliated by jumping towards Sanchez. He saved the third minaret shot in the same manner. Cuadrado scored for Colombia in the fourth shot. The gap was then 3-2. If they could have scored in the fifth shot, the gap would have been 3-3. Then Argentina needed to take the fifth shot. But he was no longer needed. Goalkeeper Martinez tasted a great victory for Argentina by blocking Colombia’s fifth shot.

Colombia drew with Argentina in the match. Argentina had four goals in 13 shots. Colombia managed to score four goals out of 14 shots there. Colombia was ahead of Argentina in ball possession, 51 percent. Argentina got 5 corners and Colombia got three. Colombia has committed 27 fouls in this match, Argentina has also committed 20 fouls.

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