More than 50 people killed in a fire at a juice factory in Rupganj
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More than 50 people killed in a fire at a juice factory in Rupganj

At least 52 people have been killed in a fire at a juice factory in Rupganj, Narayanganj. The fire service confirmed the matter on Friday (July 9). The deputy director of the fire service feared the death toll could rise further.

On Thursday afternoon, a fire broke out at the factory of Hashem Food Limited, a subsidiary of Sajib Group. 18 units of Dhaka, Narayanganj and Demra Fire Service started work to control the fire. The fire was brought under control by early Friday morning. But in the morning the fire increased again. It was also reported that a fire was seen in front of the fifth and sixth floors of the six- storeyed factory building at around 10:15 am. At first, the fire service reported the death of three people in the fire. More than 50 workers were injured in the incident. Many jumped from the roof of the building to escape the factory fire. Many are trapped inside.

The death toll from the blaze rose to 52. At least 50 others were injured.

The Narayanganj deputy commissioner said, A seven-member committee has been formed by the district administration to investigate the incident. The families of each of the dead have been given Tk 25,000 for burial and the families of the seriously injured have been given Tk 10,000.

The fire service recovered 49 bodies on Friday afternoon. The director of the fire service said that almost all the bodies recovered on Friday were burnt in such a way that their relatives could not recognize them. So, these bodies have been taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for DNA test. The bodies will be identified through DNA test and handed over to relatives.

The fire was initially brought under control and 49 bodies were recovered from the ground floor to the fourth floor. We will re-search the entire building to bring the fire on the fifth and sixth floors under complete control.

He added that the fire started from one to three floors. Later it spread to the fourth floor. Most of the bodies were recovered from the fourth floor. Many bodies were also found on the stairs.

Narayanganj Superintendent of Police said that many lives have been lost in the fire at Sejan Juice Factory of Hashem Food and Beverages of Sajib Corporation.

He said. there would be one or more cases in this case. If evidence of recruitment of child laborers is found in this institution, then separate legal action will be taken.

Relatives of the factory workers and locals blocked the Dhaka-Sylhet highway, complaining of slowness in putting out the fire. The district administration has formed an investigation committee to investigate the incident.

It has been reported that besides Sejan juice, noodles, lachchi semai, chocolate, lachchi, cakes, biscuits and other products were made and packaged inside the factory. In addition, each floor of the six-storeyed building was stocked with combustible substances and huge amounts of chemicals.

A fire broke out at the juice factory at 7pm on Thursday. Upon receiving the news, 18 units of the fire service from Rupganj’s Kanchan, Demra, Adamji, Dhaka and Narayanganj stations went to the spot and put out the fire.

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