Future of SSC-HSC exams will be decided this week
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Future of SSC-HSC exams will be decided this week

The future of SSC and HSC exams of 2021 will be decided this week in Corona situation. Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni will decide whether the test will be given in short form or auto-pass. It is learned that the Education-Minister will make an announcement in this regard at a press conference this week.

According to sources, the Ministry of Education has made several proposals regarding SSC and HSC examinations. The decision will be taken in consultation with the higher echelons of the government. The Education-Minister will actually hold a press conference in this regard.

On Monday (July 12) at noon, the coordinator of the Board of Secondary and Higher Education and the chairman of the Dhaka Board of Education said that even if they could not take these two public examinations, grades would be given in an alternative manner. Auto pass will not be given this time like last year. After Eid, the Minister of Education will publish a roadmap of what can be an alternative to the exam to allay the concerns of students and parents.

In this context, the Secretary of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education said, “Since the educational institutions are not going to open at the moment, I am finishing the preparation of all the alternative methods.” When what can be applied, it will be implemented. For this, an expert committee consisting of the Board of Education and experts has been formed. They will give alternative opinions of the test. Our main goal is to give grades to the students after evaluation. That is why the analysis is going on with all the options.”

If it is not possible to take these two exams, the Ministry of Education is thinking of passing them in an alternative way. For this, several proposals were prepared and sent to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The proposal states that only multiple choices questions (MCQs) can be tested, excluding essay or creative questions. The test can also be taken by reducing the subject and full standard (total number of test). In this case, two papers on each subject can be integrated.

It is further proposed that 100 marks will be taken instead of 200 marks. However, in both cases there is a need to improve the situation. In other words, if the infection falls below 10 percent, the test can be taken by confirming the hygiene rules. The number of health care centers can be doubled compared to the current one.

If this is not possible, in the case of SSC, the results can be prepared with 50 per cent of the results of the Junior School Certificate (JSC) examination and 50 per cent of the results on assignments and classroom activities. In the case of HSC, it was also proposed to publish the results by combining 50 per cent of the student’s SSC result, 25 per cent of JSC’s and 25 per cent of the assignment result.

Meanwhile, expert committees at Dhaka University, BUET, the National University and the Bangladesh Examination Development Unit (BEDU) said they were wondering what could be the best alternative if they could not take the exam.

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