Government pondering board exam alternatives
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Government pondering board exam alternatives

In order to prevent Covid-19 infection in the country, the leave of educational institutions has been extended till the 30th of this month. In this situation, there has been great uncertainty in organizing two big public examinations like SSC and HSC as per the pre-determined time.

The chairman of the Dhaka Board of Education said, the authorities would try to take the test even if it was delayed, but there were thoughts of an alternative assessment if it was not possible due to infection.

He said “All the boards have made all the preparations for the exams. But the reality is that there is a need for equality among all the boards in the public exams”.

Education board officials said, they have already completed preparations for the SSC and HSC exams. Question papers have been prepared centrally for SSC examination. On the other hand, officials said that work is underway to prepare HSC exam questions.

Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni said, “We have done 60 days and 84 days syllabus for HSC and SSC candidates and we are giving assignments on them. We will keep trying. Maybe we will see few more days. We are thinking of many alternative methods. Assessment can be done considering the situation. ‘

“We have been trying hard to open educational institutions since June 13,” she said. But the situation is changing every day. Experts say that if the rate of Covid-19 infection falls below 5 percent, there will be a situation like opening an educational institution. Now the rate of infection is much higher. So, there is no way but to wait. ‘

Though the education minister spoke of alternative thinking, the Dhaka Education Board Chairman said, that even after five-six months delay, SSC and HSC and equivalent examinations will be taken, but auto pass will not be given. In general, the test will be small. Examiners completed the entire syllabus last year. The results were published based on the results of the previous two tests without taking the test due to Covid-19. But this time the students could not read. So, they have no chance to auto pass.

In this regard, a professor of Dhaka University said, ‘If the educational institution was opened in February or March, it was possible to take the exam at that time. And it is not clear how the government will give auto pass without teaching. Maybe the Department of Education could move on to a shorter test or assessment. But whatever is done, at least one test must be taken.

The coronavirus infection rate in Bangladesh is currently around 15 percent. Earlier, Education Minister Dipu Moni had said that the government would not consider opening educational institutions unless the infection rate fell to 5 percent.

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