Today is the holy Hajj
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Today is the holy Hajj

The holy Hajj is being held on Monday, July 19 in the midst of the global epidemic. ‘Labbaik, Allahumma Labbaik. Labbike, La Sharika Laka Labbike. The sky-wind will be loud and vibrating today with such a sweet sound-echoing over the mountainous plain of Holy Arafat.

Last year too there were restrictions on performing Hajj. This time too, people have to observe Hajj by following social hygiene and maintaining social distance.

According to Arab News and Al Arabiya, no pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia are allowed to take part this year due to the corona virus infection. About 60,000 people, both Saudi nationals and foreigners, have been allowed to perform the Hajj. Only Saudi citizens between the ages of 15 and 65 and citizens of 150 countries living in the country have the opportunity to perform Hajj. Everyone has received two doses of the vaccine. Last time too, 1,000 Muslims were given the opportunity to perform Hajj under the ban.

Devout Muslims have arrived in Mina from the Grand Mosque in Mecca to perform the holy Hajj. They perform Ihram after Fajr prayers on Sunday. At that time, they went and stayed in the Minar tent. They will gather at the historic Arafat Square on Monday morning. The day is called Arafat Day. Muslims call this day the main Hajj. Standing on the ground of Arafat, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave his farewell Hajj speech.

Shaykh Dr. Bandar bin Abdul Aziz Balilah will deliver a sermon to the Muslim Ummah participating in the Hajj this time on the historic Arafat ground. This year, Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz issued a royal decree authorizing him to deliver a sermon on the great day of Arafat.

Location on Arafat Square is the main formality (obligation) of Hajj. Then the holy Hajj will end with some formalities including Qurbani.

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