Afghanistan's third provincial capital is occupied by the Taliban
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Afghanistan’s third provincial capital is occupied by the Taliban

In Afghanistan, the Taliban took control of three provinces by seizing the capital of Kunduz province. Local sources and journalists in Kunduz have confirmed to Al Jazeera that the provincial capital has fallen to the Taliban.

The Taliban said in a statement on Sunday that they had seized the governor’s office, police headquarters and a jail in the provincial capital of Kunduz.

The Taliban claimed control of the third provincial capital for the third day in a row.

However, the government has denied the allegations, saying the campaign to liberate the city of Kunduz from the Taliban continues.

The Afghan Defense Ministry said in a video posted that national security forces had conducted a coordinated operation in the province in the past 24 hours. The Taliban have suffered heavy casualties.

The Afghan Defense Ministry also said that the Taliban’s dream will not be fulfilled. Addressing the residents of Kunduz, the commandos said, “We are with you.” Afghan forces will not leave you.

Earlier on Saturday, Taliban fighters seized the second provincial capital within 24 hours. They took control of the town of Sheberghan in Jawzjan province on Saturday after a week-long battle with government forces.

Earlier in the day, Taliban fighters seized Zaranj, the provincial capital of Nimroz province bordering Iran.

After nearly two decades of conflict, Taliban fighters began a major offensive during the withdrawal of US-led international forces. They have already taken control of most of the country.

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