Trump calls on Biden to resign over Afghanistan issue
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Trump calls on Biden to resign over Afghanistan issue

Former President Donald Trump has called on US President Joe Biden to resign as Afghanistan returns to Taliban control.

He made the call in a statement on Sunday after the Taliban seized control of the Afghan capital, Kabul, according to an Al Jazeera report.

Trump alleges that Biden forced the US military to withdraw from Afghanistan empty-handed.

Trump also said that if he had been in power, the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan would have been more successful.

The Taliban, which lost power in the 2001 US-led invasion, took control of the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Sunday without bloodshed. The whole of Afghanistan is now under their control. They also took control of the presidential palace in Kabul. Under the circumstances, the country’s President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country.

The Taliban emerged in the second phase since 1996, with US President Joe Biden announcing a complete withdrawal of troops by September 11 and occupying one city after another in the last 100 days, most recently Kabul. It was also the embarrassing consequence of the trillion-dollar US war in Afghanistan.

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