UK to work with Taliban: PM Johnson
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UK to work with Taliban: PM Johnson

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has said that the United Kingdom will work with the Taliban in Afghanistan if necessary. He made the remarks after a meeting with cabinet members on the situation in Afghanistan on Friday. News Reuters, PTI.

Prime Minister Johnson said the United Kingdom was still working to find a diplomatic solution to the Afghan crisis. In other words, there is an opportunity to work with the Taliban if necessary.

Johnson said rescuing British nationals and allies from Kabul airport is now quite a challenge. However, the situation is slowly progressing.

“I just want to reassure the people that our political and diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis in Afghanistan and work with the Taliban, if necessary, continue,” he said. He noted that Britain’s commitment to Afghanistan was enduring.

The Prime Minister said the situation is now getting a little better and the situation at the airport is also moving towards stability. So on Thursday we were able to evacuate 1,000 people. And on Friday we were able to evacuate another 1,000 people. Many more will be relocated under the Afghanistan Resettlement and Assistance Program (ARAP).

Boris Johnson said work is being done quickly. In this case, I will not say that the matter is very simple. There are many challenges in this. However, work is going on even in difficult situations.

Asked if the new Taliban administration would be different than before, Johnson said it was important to evaluate people by looking at their faces. “We hope they understand what they are saying,” he said. We will evaluate them considering their work.

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