Taliban warned America about troops withdrawal
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Taliban warned America about troops withdrawal

Sohail Shahin, a spokesman for the Taliban’s office in Qatar, told Qatar’s Sky News on Monday that the United States would have to pay a price for delaying the withdrawal of US and foreign troops from Afghanistan. Delay will not be tolerated in this case.

Sohail added, “If the United States or Britain wants more time to rescue, the answer is no. Rather it will suffer the consequences. This will create mistrust in us. It seems that they (America and Britain) want to continue the occupation, so there will be a response from us. “

The Taliban issued the warning ahead of the G-7 summit. Leaders of the G-7 alliance of 7 industrialized countries are sitting in a virtual meeting.

According to the concerned quarters, the meeting may discuss rescue from Kabul airport. In particular, the US president recently said that US troops would remain in Afghanistan until the last American was rescued.

Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) has warned that relocating all those who want to leave Afghanistan is not possible within the previously announced time frame.

Sohail, meanwhile, is reluctant to see the way Afghans are gathering at Kabul airport to flee the country for fear of Taliban rule.

“It’s not a matter of concern or fear,” he claimed. They want to stay in the western country. It can be called financial transfer. Because Afghanistan is a poor country. 70 percent of the people live below the poverty line. Everyone wants to live in the West in the hope of a better life. There is nothing to fear here.

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