Once again Israel airstrikes on the Gaza Strip
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Once again Israel airstrikes on the Gaza Strip

The Zionist occupier state of Israel in the Middle East has resumed airstrikes in the besieged Palestinian territory of Gaza, accusing it of throwing explosive-laden balloons or balloon bombs.

Israel carried out the attack with warplanes on Monday (August 23rd) night at various installations of Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza, Reuters reported.

The Israeli military confirmed the attack early Tuesday. They claim that the firing of explosive balloons (incendiary balloons) from the Gaza Strip has caused a fire in the southern part of Israel.

No casualties or damage were reported immediately after the airstrikes, Reuters reported. The Israeli military has claimed that the target of Monday night’s attack was a weapons stockpile and rocket launcher belonging to Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza.

Palestinians say explosive balloons are being fired to pressure Israel to ease its blockade of the Gaza Strip. Israel has maintained a strict blockade of the valley since 2007.

Meanwhile, the Israeli fire department said balloon bombs fired on Monday had set fire to Israeli fields along the Gaza border.

Recently, there has been an increase in cross-border violence between Gaza in Palestine and Israel. Israel carried out air strikes on various installations in the Gaza Strip last Saturday night before Monday’s attack.

At the time, the country’s military claimed that Israeli warplanes had attacked four Hamas positions in Gaza. The installations were used as Hamas arsenals and weapons factories. On the same day, the country announced that it would send more troops to the Gaza border.

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