Intense fighting between Taliban and Masood forces in Panjshir Valley
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Intense fighting between Taliban and Masood forces in Panjshir Valley

Ahmed Masood’s forces are now fighting the Taliban in the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan.

The Taliban claimed that they had seized several areas and that the Masood-led National Resistance Front had suffered heavy casualties. But the Front claims that Panjshir is in their possession. They have been able to protect all the entrances. The Taliban have lost hundreds of their fighters.

Panjshir is the only Taliban in Afghanistan that has not been captured. Ahmad Masood, a former Afghan army and thousands of fighters from some local forces, are fighting the Taliban. Former Vice President Amrullah Saleh and his entourage also joined Masood.

In the past, Ahmed Masood’s father, Ahmed Shah Masood, fought with the Soviets and the Taliban. The Soviets and the Taliban failed to capture Panjshir. He was called the Lion of Panjshir. This time his son Ahmed Masood is fighting the Taliban. Ahmed Masood, 32, has no fighting experience. He studied in the UK. However, he has taken army training. He is now the main hope of the Taliban.

But the Taliban is now stronger than ever. They surrounded Panjshir from every side. They are not allowing anything to go there, including food. The Taliban are now trying to cross the Masood barrier into the Panjshir Valley.

Source: DW

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