United States does not want a new Cold War: Biden
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United States does not want a new Cold War: Biden

US President Joe Biden has said that “we do not want to get involved in the Cold War again.” The United States stands ready to work with any country to find a peaceful solution to the emerging challenges.

He spoke on the first day of the 7th session of the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday. News from AFP and CNN.

With the end of the Afghan war, Biden said, the United States has entered a new era of tough diplomacy. If necessary, the United States will prepare to use force. However, the use of military force will be considered as the last resort.

Without naming China, he said the United States does not want to go back to the era of global conflict, like the decades-long stalemate with the Soviet Union. However, the United States will compete and compete fiercely.

He added that the United States would stand by its allies and friends. Will oppose the use of force by powerful countries that influence weak countries.

Efforts are being made to change the regional balance through coercion, economic coercion, and confusion, an example of anti-US activity. Such efforts should be interpreted as aggression.

“Since we are looking forward,” Biden said. We are cowardly, climate change, peace, and security; We want to lead these challenges in protecting human rights. However, we will not do it alone. We will move forward with our allies and partners.

“We can no longer afford to waste time,” he said. Let us get started. Let us build a better future now. Note that this is Joe Biden’s first speech at the United Nations since becoming President of the United States.

In his address to the General Assembly today, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the world was moving towards division. To get rid of this, the United States and China must sit in dialogue.

He said the world is becoming increasingly divided into two distinct economies, trade, financial and technological regulation, and the development of artificial intelligence in two distinct ways. Even the world is being divided into two separate military and geopolitical strategies.

“We need dialogue,” he said. It will bring about a crisis like during the Cold War. So, we need to work together to restore trust and hope. Understanding is needed because the division between the two powers is holding back the priority core effort.

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