Attack on the Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan
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Attack on the Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan

The bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of the Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan. Iran’s ambassador to Azerbaijan Abbas Mousavi on Friday strongly condemned the attack on the Iranian embassy in Baku and said Tehran would not give up until action was taken. News on PTV.

He said Azerbaijan’s diplomatic police and Interior Ministry had identified and detained four people on suspicion of involvement in the incident and questioned them.

At the same time, he said, the sabotage that Zionist Israel is planning in the region will never be implemented. Abbas Mousavi also denied the claim made by the Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan.

George Dick, Israel’s ambassador to Baku, has claimed that persecution of religious and ethnic minorities has targeted the Jewish community in Iran and other countries.

In response, Abbas Mousavi said, “We have special respect for the Jewish, Christian and all other communities of the Bible.” But we are sure that Azerbaijan and Palestine will always survive in the world as Muslim countries. The dream of a Zionist Israel will never be realized in this region.

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Ali Hajilu, commander of the ground forces at Iran’s northwestern headquarters, said Friday that Iran would never accept the existence of Zionist and extremist terrorists on the same borders with neighboring countries.

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