Govt. is making relentless efforts to accelerate the pace of economic development: Industries Minister
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Govt. is making relentless efforts to accelerate the pace of economic development: Industries Minister

Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun said the government was making relentless efforts to accelerate economic development by increasing productivity in all sectors, including agriculture.

Noting that Bangladesh has immense potential for a large population of small size, he said the growth of the national economy depends not only on the contribution of a particular sector but also on the progress, and contribution of all sectors of the economy is equally needed.

Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun said this while addressing a discussion meeting titled ‘Productivity in Irresistible Progress’ organized by the Ministry of Industries on National Productivity Day-2021 in the conference room of the Ministry of Industries on Saturday.

Industries Minister said that the benefits of productivity are not enjoyed by the producers alone. Its benefits are equally enjoyed by all members of society, including the government, employers, workers, and consumers.

He said, “Spontaneous participation and commitment of people from all walks of life is essential to enjoy the benefits of productivity.” And the only way to ensure overall commitment and participation is to transform the product development program into a national movement. ‘

State Minister for Industries Kamal Ahmed Majumder was online as the special guest.

Golam Yahya and the newly appointed Director General (Additional Secretary) of the National Productivity Organization (NPO) Mezbah-ul-Alam and the Director of the National Productivity Organization and Joint Secretary (Administration) of the Ministry of Industry. Industry Secretary Zakia Sultana presided over the ceremony, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Industry. Faizur Rahman Farooqi delivered the speech.

Senior officials of the Ministry of Industries were present at the occasion. In addition, officials from NPOs in 21 countries were connected to the event on Facebook.

Industries Minister said the visible aspect of a country’s economic progress is infrastructural development. Through this, the economic potential of the country and the nature of the quality of life can be understood.

Kamal Ahmed Majumder said that in order to maintain the continuity in the development of the overall economy of Bangladesh, it is essential to practice the policies and strategies in the development of productivity. Otherwise, sustainable development is not possible.

He said that to improve productivity, training on modern art techniques, seminars, application of new techniques or methods, and innovative programs should be given importance. Workers, employers, and the government must work together for the success of productivity activities.

“We have to continue the practice of productivity so that we can stand tall as a developed nation on the face of the earth,” the state minister said.

The Minister of State for Industries further said that the government had adopted the goal of building a prosperous, prosperous and golden Bangladesh free from the hunger of the dream of the father of the nation by 2041. To achieve these goals, it is essential to increase productivity in all sectors. Then we can reach the desired goal.

The Industries Secretary said that NPOs are implementing directional initiatives to increase productivity by preparing master plans, including conducting quality activities.

He also mentioned that by implementing this master plan, the country will be able to reach the desired goal by 2041 in building a happy, prosperous dream golden Bangladesh.

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