China-Taiwan must be reunited: Xi Jinping
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China-Taiwan must be reunited: Xi Jinping

As tensions between China and Taiwan continue, Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that Taiwan’s reunification must be completed. This reunification should be achieved peacefully, but at the same time, he warns that China has a glorious tradition of opposing separatism.

Xi Jinping remarks at a ceremony marking the anniversary of the 1911 revolution that toppled China’s last royal family. In response to the Chinese president’s comments, Taiwan said the country’s future would be in the hands of its people. Taiwan considers itself an independent country, but China sees them as a rebellious province.

Beijing has not ruled out the possibility of using force to reunite Taiwan with mainland China. Xi Jinping made the remarks when a record number of Chinese warplanes had recently entered Taiwan’s air defense zone.

Some analysts say the Chinese fighter jet’s flight could be seen as a warning to Taiwan’s president. On Sunday, Taiwan will celebrate their National Day, and the Chinese warplanes are seen in the background.

Taiwan’s defense minister says Sino-Taiwan tensions are at their worst in 40 years. Xi Jinping says China’s peaceful reunification with Taiwan would be in China’s overall interest.

In his words, as in the case of Hong Kong, this is what he wants in the case of Taiwan. “The historic task of reuniting our motherland must and must be completed,” Xi said.

After the Communists seized power in China in 1949, Taiwan became isolated from the mainland. News from BBC.

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