Taiwan will not bow to China: Sai Ying Wen
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Taiwan will not bow to China: Sai Ying Wen

Taiwan will not bow to the pressure of Beijing and will continue its democratic way of life.

President Xi Jinping made the remarks on Sunday after Chinese warplanes repeatedly entered Taiwan’s air defense zone.

The 23 million people of autonomous Taiwan are under constant threat from authoritarian China. China considers Taiwan as its territory. Beijing is determined to one day seize it, even if it uses force.

In a speech on the occasion of Taiwan’s National Day, Tsai Ying-wen added, “The more we achieve, the more we will be under pressure from China.”

She said Taiwan seemed to be at the forefront of defending the democracy.

“We hope relations with China will be easier,” Owen said. But it is not in a hurry. But there should be no confusion about whether the people of Taiwan will bow their heads.

It should be noted that after the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949, the two territories came under the separate rule.

Tensions are running high around Taiwan more than at any other time under Chinese President Xi Jinping. After Tsai Ying-wen was elected five years ago, Shin Ping intensified economic, diplomatic, and military pressure by cutting off formal contacts with Taiwan.

Tensions escalated as Chinese warplanes infiltrated Taiwan’s latest air defense detection zone.

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