The immense potential of Bangladesh should be highlighted all over the world
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The immense potential of Bangladesh should be highlighted all over the world

Under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the glorious history of the liberation struggle of the Bengali nation and the irresistible progress of Bangladesh with immense potential have been called upon to be displayed all over the world by Dr. AK Abdul Momen.

The foreign minister made the call while inaugurating a photo exhibition titled ‘Bangladesh 1971: Mourning and Morning’ at the Liberation War Museum building in the capital on Saturday (October 16).

Dr. Momen said, “We have to find out the unpublished photographs of the long liberation struggle of the Bengalis and the glorious liberation war and inform the new generation and the world.”

On the occasion of the golden jubilee of independence, the Liberation War Museum and Allianz Frances have jointly organized a month-long exhibition of 50 photographs taken during the war of liberation by world-renowned French photographer Marc Reuber in 1971.

According to the organizers, the exhibition will be open to the public every Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 5 pm till November 18. Momen thanked the Liberation War Museum and the Alliance Franchise authorities for organizing the exhibition.

Referring to the involvement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the collection of these rare photographs of Mark Ribu, Momen said, “By searching in different countries, we can find more unpublished and rare photographs and videos of our liberation struggle.” In this case, all efforts and cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue.

Referring to Bangabandhu’s lifelong struggle for world peace and the exploited and oppressed people, the Foreign Minister said people all over the world would get to know Bangabandhu’s life style better through Mujib Corner set up in Bangladesh missions abroad on the occasion of Mujib Year.

After inspecting the exhibition after the inauguration, the Foreign Minister mentioned in his comment book that these pictures taken by Mark Ribu are a reflection of the sacrifice, struggle and determination of the Bengalis in the liberation war. These photographs will reveal many unknown facts of the liberation war as well as inspire research.

French Ambassador to Dhaka Jean Mara Su, Trustee of the Liberation War Museum Mofidul Haque, Dr. Sarwar Ali and Sara Jaker were present at the exhibition.

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