Traffic started flowing through Padma bridge
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Traffic started flowing through Padma bridge

People on both sides of the Padma have been waiting for this morning for a long time. The Padma Bridge has been opened for traffic. Traffic on the Padma Bridge started at 8 am on Sunday (June 26). There were long queues of vehicles at both ends of the Padma Bridge from night.

Bangladesh’s long-cherished dream has come true as a result of the inauguration of the longest bridge facing financial, engineering and political three-pronged challenges. On Saturday (June 25), Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Padma Bridge.

The Padma Bridge, built entirely with internal funding, has added significance, dispelling the skepticism of many economic analysts about building bridges based on the country’s own funds.

Several political and diplomatic analysts and even some foreign partners had speculated that the project would eventually fail. But in the end, the mighty Padma is conquered and the people on both shores will no longer be helpless, as they are connected to both shores.

From today, people in the south-west will leave the nightmare of the ferry wharf and go directly to Dhaka by road in just 6 minutes across the bridge.

The dream bridge has not only established the long-awaited direct road and rail link between the capital Dhaka and the south-west of the country, it has opened the door to greater connectivity and trade between Asian countries.

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