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No exemption for those involved in murder, arson and militancy: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina commented that BNP could protest because Awami League believes in democracy. However, he said, those of BNP who are involved in murder, arson, and military, should be arrested. They have no exemptions. Awami League president Sheikh Hasina said these things in the opening speech given at the meeting of the central executive parliament of Awami League this Friday afternoon. He presided over the meeting. The Prime Minister said that because people have confidence in Awami League, they elected the party thrice and will vote again this time. But those who are terrorists, murderers, looters of people’s money, bomb-grenade attackers, and money smugglers; People don’t trust them and won’t vote for them. Sheikh Hasina said that due to the current global crisis, expenses should be reduced in the ceremony of the 22nd National Conference of Awami League. He also ordered the formation of the conference preparation committee. Sheikh Hasina said, ‘We are working for the people of the country and will continue to work. We need to convey the message of development to the people; Similarly, the plans for the future should also be presented to the people. BNP has not committed any misdeeds such as looting, corruption, terrorism, militancy, grenade attacks, torture, torture, murder, etc. during its tenure, the Prime Minister alleged. He said, ‘Bangladesh which has achieved victory in the liberation war, they turn that country into a beggar’s country; Makes it a country to get hands-on. From there, Bangladesh has become a self-respecting country. Now the people of the world look at the country with respect. At the press briefing after the meeting, the party’s general secretary and road transport and bridge minister Obaidul Quader announced the 22nd Triennial National Conference of Awami League on December 24.

The conference will be held at the historical Suhrawardy Udyan. The conference will end in one day. In this regard, the Prime Minister said, ‘Conference preparation committee and how many sub-committees should be formed. As the global economic recession is going on, we will not hold this conference with any composure. We have to conduct our conference on a minimal scale, at a small cost, in a simple way. In the opening speech, highlighting the ‘terror and barbarity’ of the BNP era, the Prime Minister said that after 2001, when the BNP-Jamaat coalition government was in power, one after another, bombs and grenade attacks were carried out on Awami League meetings. BNP has been able to protest peacefully. He said that grenades and bomb attacks were carried out during the meeting of Awami League leader Suranjit Sengupta, Kamran, and Sheikh Helal. Apart from this, the BNP-Jamaat coalition government has brutally tortured thousands of Awami League leaders and workers and killed many including Manjurul Imam, and Mumtaz. The head of government said that there is no Upazila and district in the country where Awami League leaders and workers have not been killed. They wanted to kill and destroy Awami League leaders. But the reality is that Awami League is getting stronger and has gained the trust and confidence of the people. Reminding of BNP-Jamaat’s ‘inhuman torture’ on Awami League leaders including AFM Bahauddin Nasim, Saber Hossain Chowdhury, Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir, Sheikh Hasina said, ‘We must not forget the brutal torture of BNP on Awami League leaders and workers; Rather, they have repeatedly done so publicly. The Prime Minister said that during the rule of BNP-Jamaat, 63 out of 64 districts were bombed in a well-organized manner and during their rule, terrorists and militants took out processions under police guard in Bangladesh. He also said that during their regime, every public university, including Dhaka University, was disrupted by bomb blasts and gunshots every night. As long as the BNP-Jamaat alliance and the Ershad government were in power, they indulged in the politics of torture, murder, corruption, and terror. Many of those involved in murder, arson, and militancy was hiding, the head of government said, now that BNP has entered the field, they will also enter the field. These accused should be arrested. They should be punished accordingly. Because they violated human rights. Killed living people. Cut eyes and hands, tortured people. They are not exempt. He said, ‘Law will run at its own pace. Law is equal for all. They have to keep it in mind. Do politics as a politician. But terrorist-militant politics will not work in this country. We will not allow this to continue. The prime minister referred to the Awami League as the oldest organization of this subcontinent. He said, ‘Let this organization be stronger. We came to power by working for people and winning their hearts. I have come with people’s vote; I have come with people’s trust. We have been able to maintain that trust. For 14 years, we have retained the trust of the people of this country. Awami League president said, “Awami League has gained more popularity. We should proceed with this in mind. And those who are terrorists, murderers, 10 truckloads of weapons, grenade launchers, bomb bombers – the people of their country do not believe. People will never stand by them. Will not vote for them. This is the reality.

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