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I did not take revenge, I focused on the development of the country – Prime Minister

Addressing the BNP, Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina said, ‘We did not go for revenge. We have focused on the development of the country. The Prime Minister also said, ‘BNP means tyranny and misrule in the country, looting, corruption, militancy Bangla Bhai – this is it.’ She said these things in her speech as the chief guest at the triennial conference of Bangladesh Jubo Mahila League at Shahbagh Suhrawardy Udyan in the capital on Thursday afternoon. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the BNP-Jamaat alliance does not believe in the empowerment of women. We made a women’s development policy. BNP came to power in 2001 and suspended it. It brought about a change in which women had no power. Describing the activities of BNP as similar to the Pakistani invasion forces, the Prime Minister said, the way the Pakistani invasion forces have tortured the women of the country, tortured the people, carried out mass murder, and set fire to the ground. When the BNP-Jamaat came to power, it seemed like a repeat of that Pakistani invasion force, that torture and massacre. Referring to the context of violence against women, he said, from six-year-old children to 60-year-old women, no one was spared from them. How many girls committed suicide? How many girls have lost their mental balance due to torture? If the incidents of their oppression and torture of girls are compared with the incidents of 71, I do not see any difference. The Prime Minister also said, ‘The clanging of weapons in all educational institutions, again the misrule. We could not go to our Awami League office. There was no opportunity for politics. The police force on one side and Chhatra Dal-BNP gangs on the other side have tortured the girls unspeakably. The way they tortured, cannot be described in words. Be it pregnant or newborn, no one is spared from them. They were thrown on the street, torn clothes, their hair pulled, and tortured. Nothing could be given to the country except torture. About the 2008 elections, he said, ‘Today BNP talks about elections. Has there been any question about the national and international elections? not up No one asked any questions. How many seats did BNP get out of 300 seats in that election? BNP leaders may have forgotten that. BNP only has 30 seats. And Jatiya Party got 27 seats. Khaleda Zia was able to become the leader of the opposition because she had three more seats. I ask the leaders of BNP, what is the reason for the jump. What are you jumping about? In the 2014 elections, they called a movement to burn people, he said, then arson started again. In 2013, 14 and 15, more than three thousand people were burned in their arson attacks. Burned thousands of car launches, burned students. How many people’s faces have been burnt and disfigured due to Khaleda Zia’s arson? They ran such a rampage. About the decrease in literacy rate, he said, ‘In 2008, the literacy rate had dropped to 45%. Of course, there is a reason for this. Khaleda Zia once gave a matric examination. Urdu and Mathematics passed in these two subjects. No more pass, fail. Urdu is his favorite subject. Because of love for Pakistan. And count the money – pass the number for this. Apart from this, he did not pass in any subject, the Prime Minister further said, ‘Ziaur Rahman passed intermediate. And Tarek Zia has no address either. So, they are saying that since we have not read, why should you read? So, the literacy rate was reduced from 65 percent to 45 percent. And we stopped the project of adult education which we had taken to make Bangladesh free from illiteracy. The Prime Minister said, “People move forward, and the trend of development moves forward.” And when BNP comes, the country goes backward. The development ends and development are theirs alone. Hawa buildings are opened, and food buildings are opened only to eat and eat, they can’t do anything for the country. For which the people of the country rejected them. On December 10, he said that the people of Bangladesh are incendiary and fake

Voters on the voter list have rejected BNP. In 1996, BNP held elections without voters. People not only rejected that election, but they also did such a movement that Khaleda Zia was forced to resign within a month and a half, that is, when they come to power, they play with the election, people’s right to vote, this is the character of BNP. There is only one reason, they are not a group of people. They don’t care about people. Power is an object of enjoyment for them. Loot opportunities. And the people of Bangladesh are nothing to them. The people of the country know that this Awami League has brought freedom to the country through the leadership of Bangabandhu. Pointing out that the BNP is playing tricks on the fate of the people, Sheikh Hasina said, “The fate of the people of Bangladesh changes only when the Awami League comes to power. Because we work as public servants. And BNP plays with the right to vote. They are not people’s parties; they don’t care about people. Bangladesh will be smart Bangladesh in 2041, the Prime Minister said, ‘Bangladesh will move forward with the power of youth. Information technology will be brought under grassroots, that way work is going on. The southern region was once neglected, but not anymore. Electricity has started coming from the Pyara power plant. Sonar Bengal of Bangabandhu’s dream is being built. No one can hold us back.

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