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Toppling the Awami League government is not so simple: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has commented that it is not so easy to overthrow the Awami League government through agitation. He said Awami League has proved that a government can develop the people if it wants to. Sheikh Hasina said, ‘It is so simple (to topple the Awami League government), Awami League can. I overthrew Ayub Khan; defeated Yahya Khan in battle and overthrew him; Wherever Zia went, the movement was against him; I overthrew Ershad; Khaleda Zia was ousted after the February 15 vote theft, and the 2006 election with 1.23 million fake voters was also canceled. So Awami League can. It is not so easy to overthrow the Awami League government through agitation. He said these things at the Victory Day discussion meeting organized by Awami League on Sunday morning. The meeting was organized at the Bangladesh Agricultural Institution auditorium at Farmgate in the capital. Prime Minister and Awami League president Sheikh Hasina have expressed surprise at the announcement of the simultaneous movement of some left-wing parties with BNP. He also raised questions about the principles and ideals of these left-wing parties. The Prime Minister said, ‘BNP-Jamaat and some other parties stood together. But another thing is very surprising – where are the leftists and where are the rightists? Those who are leftists, seem to have turned 90 degrees. That is, with that Jamaat-BNP, our left, extreme left, short left, strong left, hard left – all should be united on one platform. That’s what I think, where are their principles and ideals, where are the things!’ Awami League president said, ‘Why are the murderers, the convicts sentenced for smuggling 10 truckloads of weapons, the convicts convicted in the trial verdict of murdering Awami League leaders and workers including Ivy Rahman by a grenade attack, convicted of money laundering, embezzlement of orphan’s money, how the group’s main convicts, led by such big theoreticians, talk so big, do so much, become one. My question is how to become one. Pointing out that BNP had rehabilitated the anti-independence people in politics, the Prime Minister said, ‘Should Awami League be removed from power by joining that party? And on December 10, the killing of our intellectuals started. Killed intellectuals till the 14th. There will be no wise intellectuals. The country will not be able to stand, that was their intention. How to join hands with them to support them? It amazes me to think about it. They know history. At that time, the Prime Minister said, “We have brought victory, we must carry on with the flag of this victory uplifted.” Again, like those murderers, war criminals, whom we tried; They cannot come to power and destroy this country. In that direction, everyone should be alert and focused. Awami League has come to the government after 21 years, said the Awami League president, but it was very difficult to come to that power. He said that only after Awami League came to power, the people realized that the government is a servant of the people and that a government can develop the people if it wants, Awami League has proved. Questioning what the crime of Awami League is, the Prime Minister and the president of the party said, ‘Awami League is not eating itself by sitting in power. Awami League is feeding the people of the country. I am giving houses to the homeless and landless people in the country. I am providing treatment for the disease. Providing education. We are fulfilling every basic need of people as stated in the constitution. Referring to the increase in the cost of imports, the prime minister said, “We have to import many things. Import costs have increased as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war. That’s why the price has increased. Global oil and gas prices have soared. What do we have to do if the price increases in the world? Pointing out that the price of electricity should be paid according to the cost of production, the Prime Minister said, “It is no longer possible to give electricity and gas at a subsidized price.” He said, “The cost of electricity production should be paid by everyone.” We all have to pay the money we spend on gas production and transportation. Sheikh Hasina said, “We have had the money for so long, we have given subsidies. But we are also affected by the global recession caused by the corona pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, and the blockade. So, you have to pay the subsidy that has been given for electricity and gas for so long. In addition to increasing the production of agricultural products, he urged everyone to be thrifty and said, ‘We have to take precautions in advance so that we do not fall into a crisis. For that, he produces something even if it is in the garden or on the roof.

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