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Bangladesh will move ahead in 2023 under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina: Information Minister

Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud said that Bangladesh will move forward under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 2023 by facing all political and global challenges. Hasan Mahmud said this after attending the 43rd founding anniversary ceremony of the National Media Institute at Darus Salam in the capital on Sunday evening in response to questions from journalists. This information was informed in a press release of the Ministry of Information. Hasan Mahmud said, ‘Politics of confrontation and politics of denial, which BNP and its ally’s practice. Awami League is ready to face various global challenges including the challenges of conflicting and negative politics. The Prime Minister and Bangabandhu have taken the country forward in the last two years during the critical world situation, in the world situation that has stopped due to the Corona epidemic, by facing all the challenges. This year also in 2023, Insha Allah, the country will move forward under his leadership. The information minister said, ‘In 2022, Padma Bridge and Metrorail were inaugurated amidst the global recession and crisis caused by the Corona epidemic on one hand and the Russia-Ukraine war on the other hand. People all over the country are excited. US, India, and even Pakistan congratulated Padma Bridge. But sadly true, the main opposition party of our country BNP failed to congratulate us. This is their political misery. Hashan Mahmud said, ‘Our dream is to transform Bangladesh into a developed country by 2041. For that, along with material development, it is our belief to take the country to its dream destination by uprooting all the crises and obstacles by combining the development of humanity and humanity, intelligence, thinking, and patriotism. Referring to the directives of the Prime Minister to transform the National Media Institute into an international institution, the information minister said, “Not only our country’s trainees but also trainees from neighboring countries and distant countries will come to this institute. A big project has been taken up for that. The Director General of the Institute, Shaheen Islam, spoke as a special guest at the event. Humayun Kabir Khandkar.

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