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BNP is in trouble while putting the government in trouble: Information Minister

Information Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Hasan Mahmud has commented that it is the BNP and its allies who have fallen into trouble while putting the government in trouble. The minister said this when journalists asked questions about BNP after exchanging views with the Bangladesh Film Exhibitors Association in the meeting room of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at the secretariat on Monday afternoon. This information was informed in a press release sent to the Ministry of Information. Bangladesh Film Exhibitors Association Advisor Sudipta Kumar Das and leaders Yunus Rubel, Sharfuddin Elahi, Sahidur Rahman, Tapas Das Gupta, Isha Khan, Samrat Shah, and Farooq Ahmed attended the meeting. Additional Secretary (Films, Social and New Media) Md. Jahangir Alam was present at this time. Hasan Mahmud said, “In the field of politics in our country, the conflicting politics of the opposition BNP, the anti-national activities of its allies, the oppression of foreigners, and the giving of dharnas to foreigners. By doing this, they want to put the government in trouble. But while putting the government in trouble, now BNP itself has fallen into trouble. This is because they thought they could create a ruckus by rallying in front of Nayapaltan on 10 December. They could not do that and realized the extent of their strength and capabilities. Stating that the BNP has an idea of what it wants to do and what it can do, the information minister said, “We have both the preparation and the plan to deal with it.” So, it is not a difficult task for us. In December last year, the BNP took two stubborn decisions, the minister said, “One is the decision to hold a rally in Nayapaltan.” They have suffered political losses on that basis. Another is to force their members of parliament to resign, this too has caused them loss. Why such a stubborn decision was taken, the question is now circling inside the BNP. Mr. Khandkar Musharraf cannot respond to that stubborn decision, so he wants to reassure the workers by speaking loudly to the workers, and nothing else. In his speech, he said, “Even if Suhrawardy Udyan was allotted to BNP for its rally on December 10, they will not change the road.” He went to Golap Bagh from Gona for the closed rally. The Islamic movement could also have wanted to rally in front of Baitul Mukarram. Prayers would have been facilitated but the roads would have been closed and the people would have suffered. They did not do that; they did not make mistakes like BNP. Thanks to them for this.

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