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National and international conspiracies, the leaders are instructed to be vigilant..

The President and Prime Minister of the ruling party, Sheikh Hasina, said that misinformation is being spread against the Awami League in various ways including social media. He ordered the leaders of the party to present information-based answers to this propaganda. He gave this instruction at the joint meeting of Awami League’s central executive committee, advisory council, and national committee at Ganobhaban on Saturday. Several leaders present at the meeting later informed this information. Citing Awami League President Sheikh Hasina’s speech, the two leaders present at the meeting said that there is a national and international conspiracy. The party president ordered everyone to be alert. Those leaders also said that the party president felt confident in the meeting. The Prime Minister said that Awami League will come back to power in the future, God willing. The government has done a lot of work. The people are getting the benefits. People have no alternative to Awami League. Talking to several leaders present in the meeting, it is known that no central leader of the Awami League gave a speech at the joint meeting. About 20 of the National Committee and Advisory Council members from the district spoke. The main point of everyone’s speech is that the grassroots of the organization must be strengthened to face the challenges of the future. They want the direction of the party president to unite the party. Also requested central leaders to be more active. According to sources in the meeting, a member of the advisory council said that embassies should be more proactive in countering the international conspiracy against the government by hiring lobbyists. A group of party leaders attending the joint meeting of Awami League’s Central Executive Committee, Advisory Council and National Committee at Ganabhaban on Saturday A group of party leaders attending the joint meeting of Awami League’s Central Executive Committee, Advisory Council and National Committee at Ganabhaban on Saturday Photo: In response to the PID, Sheikh Hasina said that everyone should respond against this propaganda. have to give Regarding BNP’s agitation for a caretaker government, he said, BNP is agitating for the caretaker government. But in the 2008 elections held under Fakhruddin Ahmad’s caretaker government, they got 29 seats. The Awami League president also said that BNP has been carrying out torture since its establishment. Awami League has always been a victim of it. There is no scope for discounting them. Regarding the movement of BNP, he said that there will be no obstacles if there is a systematic movement. But if they commit arson and arson like in 2013 to 2015, they will be severely responded. Sheikh Hasina directed the Trinamool leaders and workers to resolve all conflicts and work unitedly because of the national elections. He told the leaders that conflicts should be forgotten. Steel-hard unity must be built. Besides, the image of the BNP’s regime should be presented to the people. Apart from this, it must be understood that Awami League implements the electoral promises it makes. Sheikh Hasina directed the leaders of the National Committee to work to strengthen the organization in the district. At the same time, they were asked to report to the party president along with the central committee if necessary. According to the sources of the meeting, entertainment was arranged for the present leaders in the garden of Ganobhaban. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina goes from table to table talking and laughing. He gave food to some. After the lunch break, the meeting started again, and the joint meeting ended with the closing speech of the president.

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