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Obaidul Quader requested the Home Minister to arrest those who are involved in misdeeds in the name of Chhatra League

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader has requested Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal to bring people involved in various ‘misdeeds’ in the name of the Chhatra League under the law. He said Awami League cannot be discredited because of a few miscreants. Due to them, the development activities of the government are fading. The general secretary of Awami League said these things at a peace rally organized in front of the Awami League’s central office on Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital on Saturday. Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League organized this rally. Awami League leader and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said that the misdeeds that are being done using the identity of Chhatra League are the work of miscreants. These crooks use group names. Their identity is rogue. They have no right to be in any organization of the Awami League. Sheikh Hasina doesn’t discount criminals. Biswajit’s killers have been saved in the identity of the Chhatra League? Those involved in the murder of Buet Abrar, have been exempted by the identity of the Chhatra League? They have not been judged? They were not saved. Obaidul Quader said, “I have also told the Home Minister that it is not enough to expel them from the party. They should be brought under the law. Awami League cannot be bad for these few miscreants. Those who commit misdemeanors will also be played against. Obaidul Quader warned the money smugglers and said, “Sheikh Hasina is getting strict.” No one will be exempted. There is no exemption for those who do injustice or commit crimes using the identity of the party. We are making so much progress and we will not let a few misdeeds tarnish it. Obaidul Quader instructed the leaders and workers of Awami League to be ready and said, do not give place to criminals in the group. There is no need to make the procession bigger by bringing them. The general secretary of the party claimed that as long as the people keep Awami League in power, it will remain in power. Criticizing BNP’s movement, he said, ‘BNP is making leaps and bounds. He could not respond to calls to the people yet. We will not budge from the constitution. The election will be according to the constitution. There will be no movement. Forget caretaker government altogether. That unusual and unconstitutional government will not come to Bangladesh. Obaidul Quader said to BNP, why should the government resign? Uncle’s obligation? The government will resign for any fault. Why will the government fall before the election? What is the reason? To put the Prince of Hawa Bhavan in power? The people of Bangladesh will not allow the Khamba government to sit in power again. Obaidul Quader again said that Awami League has given a program for the next year. He also claimed that they are not giving any counter-program to BNP. Awami League general secretary said that the program will be held every day in any place in Bangladesh. Sometimes a conference, sometimes a peace rally, sometimes a mass communication — in this way. Awami League will be in the field until the next election with the program, it will go door to door with the people. Obaidul Quader also said, ‘I will not let anyone down, I will not say this. Everyone gets down. The highway is for everyone. We are not afraid of you (BNP). Fear of arson. Obaidul Quader said that BNP leaders are guarding the Awami League opposition party and said, “I am also saying that we are guards, we are guards for the sake of the people. Guard against arson. It is difficult to say when they entered the field with fire. For that, I will protect people’s lives and property. You will burn it with fire, and we will stand and watch the scene, how will that be? Can’t give power back to them. They do not have the right to sit in power. Obaidul Quader urged BNP to come to the election without saying anything. He said, “Threats are useless. You run away; we will not run away. Bangladesh is our place of escape. We will not run out of the country. The General Secretary of the Awami League commented that there was no conference of the BNP in that era. He said that they have recently presented this matter in the meeting of the ambassador of the European Union. Quader said, ‘Democracy is not practiced within them, how will they bring democracy into the country.’

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