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Prime Minister is going to Mymensingh today and will inaugurate 73 projects

Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina are coming to Mymensingh today after almost five years. A wave of excitement around his arrival has spread throughout the Mymensingh division. He will address the departmental public meeting organized by Awami League at Mymensingh Circuit House Maidan. Organizers expect the rally to be the largest in memory. Accordingly, all preparations have been completed. Expectations of the local people, the Prime Minister’s visit may bring positive statements regarding several important public demands. The Prime Minister will inaugurate 73 projects and lay the foundation stone for 30 projects today. The projects will be inaugurated at the circuit house grounds. Among these are several projects of the Health Department, Education Department, Public Works Department, and Local Government Department. Apart from Mymensingh district, there are also some projects in other districts of the division. In the meantime, on the occasion of the arrival of the Prime Minister, the civic organizations of Mymensingh have presented various demands to him. An organization called Jan-Udyog has submitted 18-point demands to the Prime Minister and an organization called Nagorika Andolan has submitted 23-point demands. According to party sources, since the announcement of the arrival date of the party president, the organizational scenario of district and metropolitan Awami League politics has changed. Meetings are going on from the city to the village. The party’s organs and affiliated organizations have also been strengthened. The leaders of central, district, metropolitan, and organizational organizations held several preparatory meetings around the Prime Minister’s visit. He is also campaigning. They expect that the huge circuit house ground will be filled to the brim. The work of painting the side walls of the road, painting the pavement, repairing the broken road, and removing the dust from the road is also going on vigorously. Beautification of the Prime Minister’s meeting place, Circuit House, and surrounding area. City Corporation Mayor Ikramul Haque Titu is supervising these issues. Metropolitan Awami League President and City Mayor Ikramul Haque Titu said that the city is being redecorated on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s arrival. Mymensingh city is ready to welcome Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He said that the Prime Minister will inaugurate many projects of the City Corporation. State Minister for Housing and Public Works Sharif Ahmed MP said that the people of Mymensingh are ready to welcome the leader of Pran. Leaders and workers from remote villages will rush to this city to catch a glimpse of the leader. Inauguration of 73 projects and foundation stone laying of 30 projects Prime Minister will address the Mymensingh Divisional Public Meeting organized by Awami League at Circuit House Maidan this afternoon. At this time, 103 different development projects will be inaugurated and foundation stones will be laid. Among them, 73 development projects of the Mymensingh Division will be inaugurated and the foundation stones of 30 development projects will be laid. Among the development projects awaiting inauguration are the mural of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman near the central Shaheed Minar of Mymensingh, the 50-bed Dr. Mushfiqur Rahman Shubo Memorial Islamic Mission Hospital, construction of 1000-seat auditorium cum community center in Trishal upazila, Institute of Health Technology in Mymensingh district, construction of embankment to protect Char Algi Union of Gafargaon in Mymensingh district from erosion of Brahmaputra, construction of new hospital by Mymensingh Sadar Upazila Parishad, Haluaghat upazila of Mymensingh. Inauguration of Gorbakura-Karaitli land port, the main building of the District Lawyers Association, Shaheed Advocate Nazrul Islam Bhaban, and Begum Fazilatunnesa Mujib Women’s College. Apart from this, the program includes the construction of Deshratna Sheikh Hasina Hall at Bangladesh Agricultural University, the construction of Sheikh Rehana Hall, construction of Rozi Jamal Hall, Govt. Anand Mohan Construction of 500-bed five-storied student hostel in the college, laying the foundation stone of power distribution system development project.

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