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I have nothing more to ask for: Prime Minister

Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina said, “I have nothing else to ask for.” The day I came to the country, I understood that the people of Bengal must be liberated. The benefits of freedom should be delivered from home to home. Today, Bangladesh is on the highway of development. Bangladesh will go further. He said this at the divisional meeting of the Awami League at Mymensingh Circuit House ground on Saturday afternoon. The Prime Minister said, “The father of the nation gave a constitution to a war-torn country, and rebuilt railway bridges, and road bridges in a short time. The Father of the Nation and his family members were killed when the country was moving forward. I was abroad then. I survived because I was abroad. I came to the country after six years. I came back trusting the people of Bangladesh. After being elected by the people’s vote, I am working on the dream of being the father of the nation. Working for development. The Prime Minister mentioned the names of 103 projects that have been inaugurated and laid the foundation stone and said, “These are the developments. Some unfinished work will be slow. You should check them out. There was a desire to do more work, but due to Corona and Ukraine wars, not much could be done. He said, “The government will make a medical university in every department. Mymensingh will also have a medical university. Engineering University will be. During the Corona period, we gave free masks, which many developed countries were not able to do. Regarding BNP-Jamaat, the Prime Minister said that terrorism and militancy were the work of BNP-Jamaat. Four cinema halls in Mymensingh were bombed during their tenure. Talking about the political revenge of BNP-Jamaat, the Prime Minister said that BNP always comes to power illegally. Political parties are formed by the beneficiaries of power. Launched the politics of looting and destruction in the country. He said, ‘BNP destroys. And Awami League does development. At present we have delivered electricity to every house in the country. No one will be in the dark. No one will be homeless. There will be no landless people in the country. Awami League government is working like that. Houses are being built for the homeless. This work will continue in the coming days. During the tenure of the BNP, the poverty rate in the country was 41 percent. Now it has come down to 20 parts.

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