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Those who don’t like the country’s prosperity spread confusion and misinformation: Information Minister

Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud said that the country is continuously moving forward, and poverty is decreasing. With the prosperity of the country came the prosperity and well-being of every man. This economic prosperity of Bangladesh under the leadership of Bangabandhukanya is not liked by many. Hashan Mahmud said these things during an exchange of views with journalists on contemporary issues at Dewanji Pukurpar’s residence in Chittagong city on Friday afternoon. This information was informed in a press release of the Ministry of Information. The information minister said, ‘For that reason, it can be seen that negative reports are purposefully carried out in some newspapers. Identified individuals from abroad try to mislead people by spreading misinformation about Bangladesh. But it could not suppress Bangladesh. Referring to the recent report of the American media Bloomberg, Hashan Mahmud said, “The way the country is moving forward today despite the corona epidemic and the global recession under the leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina, the way the economic prosperity continues, various newspapers of the world are praising it. Recently, Bloomberg published a report, where they said, due to the economic prosperity achieved under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina and the ability to maintain economic stability even amid the coronavirus, there is a possibility of Sheikh Hasina winning the next election and she is going to be elected for the fourth term. The information minister said, “The day before yesterday, our planning minister told a press conference that when we formed the government in 2009, the number of people living below the poverty line was 41 percent, a few days ago it had reduced to 20 percent.” It has now reduced to 16 percent amid the Corona pandemic and global recession. Poverty in the United States is 17 percent. Citing the report of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Hasan Mahmood said, “Our per capita income has surpassed that of India during this corona epidemic. When we formed the government in 2009, our economy was the 60th largest in the world, now we are the 35th largest economy in the world by GDP. We have crossed 25 countries in the last 14 years. Among those 25 countries is Malaysia. And we are the 31st economy in the world in terms of PPP. The Information Minister gave an example and said, “Today, in the global recession situation, there is a shortage of products in the United Kingdom and various countries of Continental Europe. There is no shortage of any product in our country. In European supermarkets, it is not allowed to buy more than one liter of edible oil, or more than 6 eggs at a time, because there is a shortage of products. In the context of the Russia-Ukraine war, the price of goods in our country has increased in the context of the global recession, but there has not been a crisis of goods. This is where we differ from them. Regarding the arrest of Prothom Alo journalist Shamsuzzaman, 12 countries including America have given a statement, whether it is interference in our internal affairs or not, Hashan Mahmud said to the question of journalists, a statement had been given by the embassies of 12 countries on their website. Requesting to look at India in this context, he said, ‘The BBC office has been searched there for a few days, have different countries expressed concern and made statements there? not given Because, India is a big country, and India’s power is more. That’s why he couldn’t show that courage there. The Information Minister said, “If necessary, the Vienna Convention on the Conduct of Diplomats will be recalled.” We don’t go door to door begging for budgets. Instead, they come to us now with bags of money to help us. It’s time for us to downsize. In Iftar with foreign diplomats, BNP Secretary General sought their help in restoring democracy in the country, Hasan Mahmud said to reporters, “We have been saying since the beginning that they do not go to the people, they go door to door to foreign diplomats.” I expected them to break the fast with poor people, instead of that, they broke the fast with diplomats in a five-star hotel. went there and begged for interference in our internal affairs. The information minister said, “Actually, the fault is more with many of us than the diplomats.” Because we go and take them by the hand to say something, to interfere in our internal affairs. It is anti-national and involves a conspiracy against the country. At that time, Hashan Mahmud reminded the journalists, “After the World Bank said that it will not finance the Padma Bridge, some major newspapers gave a banner heading “Padma Bridge is not happening anymore”. But the Padma bridge was built in Bangladesh with their own money. For that, journalist friends should be careful about these issues in the country. Media and journalists play an important role in moving the country forward. Help people get the right information and think right. At the same time helps people to know the world situation. The Information Minister said, “Our government has ensured the freedom of the media and we are determined to continue it.” If we do bad journalism in the name of freedom, then the country’s immense people and the journalistic society certainly do not support it. You will surely agree with me that when it comes to reporting news, doing politics in the name of journalism is not appropriate.’

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