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Efforts will continue to show the folk culture of Bangladesh to the world

Post and Telecommunication Minister Mustafa Jabbar said that the regional folk culture of different areas of Bangladesh is our most valuable asset. The objective of Greater Mymensingh Cultural Forum is to develop the folk culture, folklore or folklore of the Greater Mymensingh region as well as to continue efforts to present the folk culture, folklore or folklore of the whole of Bangladesh to the world.

He said this as the keynote speaker at the three-day cultural festival organized by the Greater Mymensingh Cultural Forum at the IDEB Bhavan in Dhaka on Saturday (May 27) on the occasion of Greater Mymensingh’s contribution to national folk culture.

Urging all the cultural organizations of the country to come forward in the development of folk culture, Mustafa Jabbar said, the role played by Dinesh Chandra Sen on the history of Bengali literature, folk literature of Bengal, Punthi inspires many researchers even today. He introduced the mainstream literature of Bengal with the stream of literature flowing even among the backward illiterate people of the village. Greater Mymensingh especially the ancient life of the Haor region flowing from the foothills of the Garo Hills is brought out in the Gantha Mymensingh Gita.

It has literary value as well as its close relationship with history and tradition. Jari-Sari, Bhavaiya-Bhatiyali, Baul song, Pala song, punthipatha are full of Bengali self-identity. These should be practiced to protect this ancient wealth of Bengali.

Planning Minister MA Mannan said that culture is a reflection of human life. It is through culture that the country and nation come up with their own identity and personal characteristics in the court of the world.

He said that the greater Mymensingh region, rich in Haor-Baor, rivers, forests and Garo Hills, is an endless treasure of folk culture of Bengal. The Planning Minister urged all concerned to contribute to the development of folk literature of Bengal by spreading this folk culture.

Senior Vice President of Greater Mymensingh Cultural Forum. Md. Zafar Uddin presided over the program Engineer Md. Mozaffar Hossain, Justice Md. Jahangir Hossain and Professor Abul Kashem Fazlul Haque spoke. General Secretary of Greater Mymensingh Cultural Forum Rashedul Hasan Shelli moderated the program.

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