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“After the forest, a new terror landscape in Libya.”

The coastal city of Derna in Libya has been the hardest hit by the forest fire. Local residents have reported that they are running out of drinking water. Contaminated by the wildland fire, their water sources have been compromised. As a result, there is no way for them to obtain water without bringing it from a distance. However, they are fearful of going too far because they cannot tell where the landmines might be lurking beneath the wildland’s water.

Indeed, they have informed that there are substantial landmines in some areas. On the other hand, a local administrator has mentioned that the number of diarrhea cases is increasing every day. Up to Saturday, 150 people have fallen ill due to gastrointestinal issues, and some have had to be sent to the hospital. There is concern that more people might be affected by drinking contaminated water, but there have been no landmine explosions yet. However, due to the fear of landmines, people are not venturing far to fetch water.

Reuters has reported that 891 houses in Derna have been completely destroyed, and 398 houses have been buried under rubble. The exact number of casualties is unclear. The United Nations Human Rights Office has reported that so far, approximately 11,000 people have died, although some organizations suggest even higher numbers of casualties.

According to Reuters, access to some areas is still not possible, making rescue efforts difficult. The recovery work has not yet commenced in those areas.

Libya has been in a state of conflict since 2011, following the death of Gaddafi, and the country has struggled to establish stability since then. The recent wildfire has caused extensive damage and resulted in the loss of many lives.

Source: Dutch Velley

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