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Sri Lanka is the hunter while the prey

The reason behind Sri Lanka’s inability to cross the 50-run mark in One Day Internationals (ODIs) during the Asia Cup final is not clear. In sports, sometimes a poor performance is referred to as ‘shame’ or ’embarrassment,’ even though it may not mean the absence of talent or skill. Sri Lanka had been bowled out for under 50 runs in an ODI only once before this incident, which occurred 11 years ago against South Africa in a series.

However, in the context of the Asia Cup, which is a prestigious regional tournament, getting bowled out for just 50 runs in the final is indeed surprising. It’s not something Sri Lankan fans expected. They may not deserve blame, but this performance is certainly unexpected.

On the other hand, India has never been bowled out for under 50 runs in an ODI before this incident. So, Sri Lanka’s performance stands out in contrast.

Looking at the broader picture, Sri Lanka has dismissed the opposition for under 50 runs in ODIs the most times among Asian teams. They have achieved this feat 3 times, while other Asian teams like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have done it fewer times.

In ODIs, where teams are bowled out for under 100 runs, Sri Lanka leads the way with 20 occurrences. Australia follows with 19, Pakistan with 16, West Indies with 13, and India with 12 such instances. England and New Zealand have done it 10 times each. Bangladesh has done it twice.

In summary, Sri Lanka has a history of bowling out the opposition for under 50 runs in ODIs, and they lead in the category of dismissing teams for under 100 runs as well. However, their recent performance in the Asia Cup final was indeed unexpected and surprising.

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