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The critical situation in Gaza: the death toll is rising, but there is no room to store the bodies in the morgue

The situation in Gaza has become so dire that even the supply of shrouds is running short. The condition of the bodies in the hospitals is so severe that it is beyond recognition, as stated by a healthcare worker at Al-Aqsa Hospital in the Deir al-Balah district of the Gaza Strip.

In Gaza, the relentless attacks by the Israeli forces have resulted in daily casualties among Palestinians, overwhelming hospitals to the point where there is no space to keep them. Medical staff are struggling to provide care. The morgues at hospitals are filled to capacity, and new arrivals are being covered with white sheets in the hospital corridors.

The Al-Quds Hospital in northern Gaza, near the Israeli-bombed ruins, paints a similar picture. With only 23 doctors attending to over 500 injured individuals, prioritizing treatment has become a daunting task.

On October 7, Hamas, the armed group leading the Palestinian independence movement, launched an attack on Israeli territory in response to the ongoing Israeli aggression. Since then, Israel has escalated its brutal attacks on Gaza. Just yesterday, a devastating bombing raid took place in Gaza. The local Health Ministry reported that within the last 24 hours (until yesterday evening), 266 Palestinians have lost their lives, including 117 children. This brings the total death toll from Israeli bombings in Gaza to over 4,651, with more than 14,245 injured, a significant portion of them being women and children.

Israel’s military spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, has issued a stern warning, stating that in the northern part of Gaza City, those who are still present must evacuate their homes and head south. Those who do not leave will be considered sympathizers of Hamas.

Yesterday, near Khan Yunis in Gaza, when a few Israeli soldiers went to repair a border fence, Hamas fighters showered them with gunfire, leading the soldiers to retreat.

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