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The death toll from Israeli strikes across Gaza has risen to more than 8,000, according to Hamas.

In the Israeli attack in Gaza, the number of people killed has exceeded eight thousand. This information has been disclosed by the Gaza Health Ministry, controlled by Hamas, the armed organization in Gaza striving for Palestinian independence.

The Gaza Health Ministry stated to AFP, “The number of people killed in the Israeli aggression has exceeded eight thousand. Half of them are children.”

Yesterday, on Saturday morning, the number of people killed was reported as 7,703.

On October 7th, Hamas launched a rocket attack in Israel. In response to Hamas’ attack, Israel has been conducting continuous airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.

On Friday night, Israel launched a full-scale assault on Gaza, disrupting all forms of communication, including the internet. The extent of the devastation in Gaza and its true picture remains unknown to the world.

The international watchdog organization on internet-related matters, NetBlocks, stated today that internet services in Gaza are gradually being restored to normal. They mentioned this based on real-time network data.

A representative of AFP appointed in Gaza City mentioned that since four in the morning today, they have been able to use the internet and mobile phone networks.

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