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On this day in history: A football wizard was born

Every day, various events and accidents occur in the world. There are many births and deaths. Do we remember all the daily events? However, some things leave a lasting mark on people’s minds, some events find a place in history’s pages. With that in mind, we regularly organize ‘This Day in History’. Today is October 30th. Let’s see what major events took place around the world on this day. Anindy Saimum has translated from the book ‘On This Day: A History of the World in 366 Days’.

To simply call Diego Maradona an Argentine football legend would be an understatement. From FIFA’s perspective, he is the best footballer of the century. Finding someone who hasn’t been enchanted by Maradona’s football magic is rare. In 1986, he led Argentina to victory in the World Cup. Today is the birthday of this greatest footballer in history. He was born on October 30th, 1960. In November 2020, he succumbed to a heart attack.

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