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is Mirage’s century the root of the problem?

It seems like you are discussing Bangladesh’s performance in the recent cricket World Cup. The disappointment and concerns you’ve expressed about the team’s performance are understandable. Bangladesh has had its share of challenges in international cricket, and achieving consistent success can be difficult.

You mentioned issues with the batting performance, which have been a concern in recent matches. Several players, including Liton Das, Mushfiqur Rahim, and Shakib Al Hasan, haven’t been able to score as expected. The batting order and strategy have also been questioned.

It’s important to analyze the team’s performance and identify the underlying problems. While the team may not have the same level of international recognition as a team like England, it’s essential to work on improving overall performance. Adjusting the batting order and strengthening the team’s batting skills could help address some of the concerns.

In any sport, it’s common for teams to go through ups and downs, and cricket is no exception. Bangladesh has shown its potential in the past, and with the right strategies and improvements, they can aspire to perform better in future tournaments. It’s crucial for the team, coaches, and management to work together to address these issues and build a stronger side for future competitions.

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