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Israeli soldiers to be sent back in black bags: Hamas

The Palestinian militant organization Hamas has issued a threat to Israeli soldiers, warning them to “return in body bags” following a recent escalation of violence in Gaza. Abu Ubaida, the spokesperson for Hamas’ armed wing, made this threat during a televised speech.

Israel had initiated a military campaign in Gaza, surrounding Gaza City, and it’s an ongoing operation. According to Israel, 18 of its soldiers have been killed since the offensive began.

Abu Ubaida claimed that the actual number of Israeli casualties is much higher than what Israel has officially acknowledged. He stated that Israeli soldiers would be returning “in body bags.”

The current situation in Gaza is tense, with Israel conducting a military campaign and expanding its ground operations in the Gaza Strip. Since the conflict began on October 7th, more than 1,400 Palestinians have been killed, and over 200 Israelis have been taken captive by Hamas.

The conflict shows no sign of resolution, and it has been ongoing for 27 days with frequent rocket attacks by Hamas and Israeli airstrikes. The situation remains deeply troubling and volatile, with severe human and infrastructure losses on both sides.

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