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The name of the stand at Lord’s may change due to its connection with slavery

The name of the gallery you are referring to, located in the northwest corner of the Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, is the “Warner Stand.” It is named after Sir Pelham Warner, a prominent figure in English cricket who played a variety of roles, including being a cricketer, cricket administrator, and editor. The gallery has borne this name for around 70 years, according to information on the Lord’s Stadium website.

Sir Pelham Warner had a notable career in English cricket. He captained the England cricket team in 15 Test matches between 1899 and 1912 and also managed the England team during the famous “Bodyline” series against Australia in 1932-33. He had no direct connection to the slave trade or sugar production.

Recent reports suggested a potential change of the gallery’s name due to concerns related to Sir Pelham Warner’s family history, particularly their involvement in sugar production and slavery in the Caribbean. However, it was confirmed that the gallery’s name would not be changed, as there was no direct connection between Sir Pelham Warner’s family and the cricket club or the gallery. The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which manages Lord’s Cricket Ground, had examined the matter and found that the financial link between the MCC and the Warner family had been relatively insignificant, making it an impractical and unnecessary change.

Sir Pelham Warner was born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1873, nearly 70 years after the abolition of slavery. His family was involved in sugar and tobacco production in the Caribbean, with a connection to indentured labor rather than slavery. Sir Pelham Warner’s association with cricket and his contributions to the sport are well-documented and form the basis of his recognition at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

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