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Not Worried about Caretaker Government, US Wants to Strengthen Relations with Bangladesh

The United States has praised the zero-tolerance policy of the Awami League government in Bangladesh towards terrorism and extremism. At the same time, during a regular news briefing on Thursday, the US has expressed a desire to strengthen its relationship with the country further, as conveyed by Bedant Patel, a spokesperson for the US State Department.

There is no reluctance from the United States regarding whether the upcoming national elections in Bangladesh will be held under the caretaker government or not, stated the spokesperson for the US State Department.

In the run-up to the national elections in 2014, widespread violence occurred in Bangladesh, orchestrated by the BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami. In a similar pattern of violence, the upcoming national elections have again sparked unrest in the country, leading to strikes, blockades, and transport disruption. However, the government’s zero-tolerance policy towards terrorism and the discipline of the security forces have kept the overall situation under control in the country.

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) insists on holding the upcoming national parliamentary elections under the caretaker government, and they are announcing rallies in this regard. If the situation in the country is known to the United States regarding the upcoming national parliamentary elections in Bangladesh, Bedant Patel mentioned that the US administration wants a free and fair election in Bangladesh. The United States does not endorse any particular government or political party in Bangladesh.

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