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December is the Pride Month for Bengali

Dhaka: The month of December has returned, marking the triumph of Bengali pride. In the thousand years of history, the month of December is when Bengalis gained their identity, independence, and the flag of freedom.

The victory in the Liberation War of 1971 is our greatest achievement. Behind it lies the blood and sacrifice of millions. In this December, the Bengali nation will rekindle its awareness of the Liberation War, pledging anew to build a non-communal and poverty-free Golden Bengal as envisioned by Bangabandhu.

The month of December, where the patriotic Bengali nation exchanged the red flag of blood for the green of independence, is celebrated as the accepted month of the new nation and the conquered territory on the world map – a month of victory in the great Liberation War that witnessed the sacrifice of lives for nine months against the oppression of the Pakistani regime.

The most significant event in Bangladesh’s long political history was the glorious Liberation War of 1971. Under the leadership of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, a historic event unfolded, fulfilling the social, political, and economic dreams of the Bengali nation in this month.

The Bengali nation achieved its greatest feat, the unforgettable glorious victory of the Liberation War, on December 16 of this month. The free nation, now recognized globally, has its own identity with the Bengali national flag proudly displayed in red and green. This makes December the month of acknowledgment of a new nation and a recognized territory on the world map.

In this month, the ruthless Pakistani forces, in collaboration with their local collaborators, the Razakars, Al-Badr, and Al-Shams, committed atrocities, massacring the country’s intelligent and best children in genocidal killings. This heinous massacre, which aimed to render the nation devoid of intellect, has no parallel in world history.

The starting point of the Liberation War in December 1971 saw the guerrilla attacks of freedom fighters and the coordinated efforts of the Indian allied forces on land, water, and in the sky. The barbaric Pakistani forces faced defeat, and on December 16, they surrendered in Dhaka’s historic Racecourse Maidan (current Suhrawardy Udyan). General Niazi of Pakistan, defeated, accepted defeat there. Through this, the prolonged nine-month bloodshed of the Liberation War culminated in victory. The nation gained the freedom it dreamed of for a thousand years.

In every year, this Victory Month will see the people of the country jubilant in the joy of victory. Countless freedom fighters will be remembered with respect, love, and grief. Various programs have been organized by political, social, cultural, and professional organizations alongside the national initiatives to celebrate this great victory month.

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