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The Prime Minister Received the ‘Climate Mobility Champion Leader Award’

In recognition of her leadership in climate-related initiatives and contributions to individuals at risk due to climate change, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been honored with the ‘Climate Mobility Champion Leader Award’ by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Global Center for Climate Mobility, supported by the United Nations.

On Friday afternoon, during a high-level panel assembly on the sidelines of the Global Climate Summit (COP-28) in Dubai, Information Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud accepted the award on behalf of the Prime Minister. He received the award from Denis Francis, President of the United Nations General Assembly, and Amy Pope, Director General of IOM. At the assembly titled ‘Bringing Climate Mobility to Adaptation and Resilience,’ Dr. Hasan Mahmud presented the main article.

Referring to the urgency of bringing the issue of climate mobility to the mainstream of global climate change discussions, the Minister said that in September of the coming year, during the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was compelled to address the world leaders’ sharp views on climate-induced reasons for displacement and urbanization.

Earlier, over the past few years, Bangladesh has hosted two dialogues organized with the assistance of IOM in Dhaka on the subject, and last year, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, the issue was highlighted at COP-27, according to the Minister. At the same time, he highlighted various aspects of Bangladesh’s initiatives in addressing the challenges of climate change, including the construction of the world’s largest multi-story social housing project for 4,400 families affected by coastal pollution in Cox’s Bazar.

Hasan Mahmud said that the Climate Mobility Champion Leader Award is a noteworthy international recognition for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and global support for Bangladesh’s leadership in addressing the challenges of climate change and emerging challenges in climate mobility. He stated that Bangladesh is actively working with a broad alliance of UN member states on this issue.

The awarding organization, the Global Center for Climate Mobility, collaborates with regional intergovernmental organizations and development financial institutions for cooperative solutions in climate mobility. During this time, Secretary of Forests and Environment Dr. Farina Ahmed, appointed Ambassador of Bangladesh to the United Arab Emirates Abu Jafar, and others were present.

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