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Heavy snowfall in Germany, people’s lives disrupted

At the beginning of winter, heavy snowfall has started in Germany. The entire German territory is covered with cold weather, but its impact is most pronounced in southern Germany. Snow and frosty weather have disrupted normal life, leading to accidents, including the tragic death of two individuals, including a child.

Bavaria, a state in southern Germany, has experienced the most snowfall. Many trains and flights were canceled there last Monday, and all schools were closed.

Flight operations and landings have been suspended for at least 300 miles from Munich. The resumption of air travel was anticipated from yesterday afternoon if the weather improved.

Due to the snowfall, roads and highways across the country have become slippery, resulting in an increase in road accidents. The rail transport system in Germany has also been significantly affected, with trees falling on rail lines, making train travel impossible in some areas.

In Baden-Württemberg state, a bus driver was killed in a collision with a bus, and in Erlangen city, a school bus accident claimed the life of a student. The police reported that 10 students were injured in the school bus accident.

In Lower Saxony, Hamburg, and Schleswig-Holstein states in northern Germany, many roads have become impassable due to heavy snowfall. The police have advised drivers to be cautious and drive slowly in these areas.

In Stuttgart, two schoolgirls fell through ice while walking on a frozen lake. Fortunately, the rescue team reached the scene quickly, and they survived.

Throughout Germany, authorities have issued warnings about entering icy areas and have urged caution. The German Weather Service has announced that this cold weather will persist for several more days.

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