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Cycled 130 km without holding the handle

The cyclist Robert Mar of Alberta, Canada, has earned remarkable recognition by setting a record in the record book. Recently, without holding the handlebars, he cycled an astounding 130.29 kilometers, setting a Guinness World Record. It took him 5 hours and 37 minutes to traverse this challenging path. To accomplish this feat, he had to undergo a test of his own balance and patience.

Robert cycled for the Alberta Society for Hemophilia in Calgary, collecting funds as part of a charity initiative. Speaking about his achievement, he stated, “There is a history of this disease in my family. I lost my grandmother to it. Breaking this record and raising funds for people close to me felt like a victory for me.”

According to information from Guinness World Records, Robert has been cycling since his childhood and has also learned to play the guitar. In the early morning, he used to cycle with his sister to go to the swimming pool.

Robert explained, “I used to cycle only 10 kilometers; it felt like a long time. Still, we did this every day for two weeks.” He further added, “During that time, I cycled very slowly. My sister used to be ahead of me because she didn’t want to be late. I would catch up from behind.”

His love for cycling over long distances grew from there. At the age of 15, he started saving money to buy his first road bike (a bicycle designed for faster and more efficient riding on roads). With that bike, he set records.

Over the years, Robert has made several adjustments to his cycling routine, but the essence remains the same. He mentioned, “No matter how many times I’ve ridden a bike, I’ve always had some scars or cuts.”

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