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Putin will fight in the presidential election

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election. The announcement about this decision was made yesterday by the Russian president. Putin declared this decision while presenting the highest military awards to Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine.

It is almost certain that Putin will be elected for his fifth term. Therefore, he also has the opportunity to lead the ongoing war against Ukraine. This war began in February of last year.

The presidential election in Russia is scheduled for March 17. The upper chamber of the Russian Parliament announced this date for the presidential election last Thursday.

If elected, Putin, who is currently 71 years old, will extend his leadership term to 24 years. Officially, he has already spent 8 years as the Prime Minister. Putin’s tenure in power now surpasses any leader in Russia since Joseph Stalin of the former Soviet Union.

The decision to run for president was not surprising. Due to the ongoing military campaign in Ukraine, Putin’s popularity in Russia has increased further, fueled by a sense of patriotism.

A military officer named Artyom Choga received the “Hero of Russia” gold medal. During the medal presentation, he requested Putin to run for re-election. Later, this military officer told journalists, “He (Putin) will run for re-election.”

Earlier, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesperson, had stated that many people have called on Putin to run in the election and that he will face opposition.

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