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Mbappe’s PSG in the last sixteen after incredible drama

The ‘Roller Coaster Ride’ is exactly what it was! In the Champions League, Group F, famous for the ‘Group of Death,’ witnessed an unbelievable turn of events today. PSG, Newcastle, and AC Milan were on the field aiming to determine their fate for knockout qualification. PSG faced Borussia Dortmund, a team already confirmed for the knockout stage. AC Milan took the challenge against Newcastle. Newcastle and AC Milan had to keep an eye on the result of their match, whether they win or draw, due to the permutations.

In an array of matches, each team’s fate fluctuated dramatically. Despite PSG not scoring in one match, Newcastle surged ahead in the other. This propelled them closer to the path of the knockout stage. Later, in the second half, PSG taking the lead pushed their path further. However, the drama continued. Both PSG and AC Milan found equilibrium. The path seemed clear for PSG in the final round. Yet, a canceled goal by Mbappe in the offside trap reversed Milan’s fortune. Meanwhile, Newcastle fell short despite winning 2-1 in their other match against their opponent. The points between PSG and Milan were equal (8), even after the face-off match. Still, in the face-off, PSG had an edge in goal difference, securing their place in the knockout stage. Although Milan couldn’t advance to the final round, they earned the ticket to the Europa League.

The match began with a brilliant opportunity for Borussia Dortmund in their home ground. However, their failure to score in the final moments cost them dearly. In just six minutes, PSG initiated a terrific attack, encircling Mbappe, but fell short of a crucial breakthrough.

Within 12 minutes, Vittinia attempted from outside the box but faced a resilient Dortmund defense. Soon after, L. Kang-In missed a critical goal opportunity, even with the keeper at his mercy. Nicolas Soule’s exceptional sliding tackle denied Mbappe’s goal attempt. Despite PSG’s dominant play, they couldn’t score in the first half.

In the 26th minute, Dortmund managed to enter PSG’s box but couldn’t convert the chance into a goal. In the subsequent minutes, both sides made valiant efforts but missed opportunities, keeping the match thrilling but goalless.

The second half saw continued attacks from both teams, seeking to break the deadlock. Within five minutes, both sides had opportunities to score, but missed their chances. However, PSG finally broke through in the 51st minute with Karim Adeyemi’s goal, turning the tides in their favor.

Newcastle led the charge in the 71st minute, courtesy of a goal by Joelinton. AC Milan’s Cristian Pulisic equalized, putting PSG in a favorable position. Mbappe missed a goal just outside the post in the 75th minute. Eventually, despite a thrilling finish, Dortmund couldn’t find the decisive goal, concluding PSG’s journey into the knockout stage.

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