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5 Thousand Disabled and Helpless People of Gaibandha got Blankets

In Gaibandha, as part of a three-day humanitarian assistance program by Bashundhara Group, five thousand blankets have been distributed among the needy people in various areas of Gaibandha. This initiative has been ongoing from Monday until Wednesday.

During this time, students from special and autistic schools in Gaibandha Sadar and Sundarganj Upazilas, people from various areas of the district town and urban areas, and five thousand women, children, and men affected by the cold in the Fulchhari Kanchipara and Saghata Charanchal have received blankets from Bashundhara Group. The distribution program was attended by the personnel of Bashundhara Group, and local volunteers also provided assistance.

On Monday, the Vice Chairman’s Secretary Foyezur Rahman Foyez of Bashundhara Group inaugurated the blanket distribution program by distributing blankets among the students of Anis Uddin Khan Special and Autistic School in Boali Union of Sadar Upazila.

Upon visiting Sarishamin, it has been observed that blankets were distributed among students of Anis Uddin Khan Special and Autistic School in Boali Union, Ahmedpur Special and Autistic School in Badiakhali, Ghagowa Maulana Bhasani Special and Autistic School, Kuptala Conscious Palli Unnayan Special and Autistic School, Bollamjhar Special and Autistic School, Madhya Dhanghara Special and Autistic School, Shantiram East Special and Autistic School in Sundarganj Upazila, and one thousand five hundred distressed families of Padumshahar in Saghata Upazila, who were joyfully using the blankets to protect themselves from the cold.

Anis (11), Lata (14), and Mimi Khatun (12), students of Padumshahar’s Swadhin Bangla Special and Autistic School, expressed their happiness after receiving blankets. They said, “Those people are very good. They have given us blankets with love. Now, we can sleep comfortably at night without feeling cold.”

Latif Mia, the parent of Atiyar (15) from Shantiram East Special and Autistic School, said, “Pulling a rickshaw cannot sustain the households of four people. It was very difficult during the past floods. Now, they have received blankets. May Allah bless Bashundhara Group’s all endeavors.”

Rubina Begum, a teacher at Bollamjhar School, commented, “People who come forward in difficult times have a very large heart. Bashundhara Group has stood by people in various disasters before.”

In this way, thousands of people in the district have received food assistance from Bashundhara Group during various disasters. This time, they have received blankets in winter. Best wishes to them from me.” Kazi Tanjilus Saad, Manager of the Procurement Department of Bashundhara Group, stated that, besides the disabled, Bashundhara Group has also received blankets under the humanitarian assistance program for 1,500 people in the Kanchipara area of Fulchhari Upazila and adjacent Charanchal, as well as two thousand women, children, and men from the villages and towns of the Charanchal area up to Saghata.

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